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Website maintenance

Frequently asked questions.

We offer our maintenance services to our web design and development clients only.

Credits expire in 30 days from the date of purchase. Any unused credits do NOT roll over to a later date.

Every website on the Internet is vulnerable to hacking regardless of security protocols. If a website does get hacked, all files could be lost if it is not properly backed-up. Backups will save you a lot of time, money, energy and frustration if the worst should happen and your content and design files are lost or if you or someone else makes a mistake on your site.

Backup restore is the fastest way to resolve a large number of common website issues. Backup restores are free on all of our maintenance plans.

The CDN or Content Delivery Network speeds up your page load time for visitors from different geographical locations. In order to speed up the delivery of a page, it caches its content on multiple servers across the globe and serves it to the visitor from their nearest location.

Have peace of mind with any changes you make to your website by creating an instant backup and be able to restore from it if something goes wrong. You can create up to 5 on-demand backups at a time with our Standard and Premium plan.

Website maintenance is not a one-off task and must occur on a regular, recurring schedule. Maintenance times vary depending on the size and stakes of the website. Basic maintenance may take anywhere from 2-32 hours which can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly.

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